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Are you interested in becoming a guest on the Valley of the Mad podcast? You’ll find all the information you need on this page.

Our Recording Process

We use an asynchronous podcast software, so we record all the questions and the guests answer them in their own time. This saves all the time zone scheduling issues, gives the guests more time to articulate their answers and generally cuts production time down a lot! 

One of our founders also runs a film organisation which has a podcast with over 180 episodes which are mostly recorded in the studio, so we know how much work goes into them! This asynchronous process is a game changer.


Listen to the questions

After we do some research and receive a list of questions to ask and questions not to ask from you, we record the all the questions.


Answer in your own time

You receive a link to the questions and can answer them in your own time. Half way through and have to run out? No problem, come back later and finish answering the questions.


Approve the edit

Once you've finished answering the questions, we receive all the audio files and can do an edit to bring it all together and add music etc. We then send you the episode for approval before we publish.

Almost there

Ready to join us
on the show?

Before we can get you on the podcast, please digitally sign our Podcast Guest Release Form.


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Meet our hosts


Father of three, loves yoga, reading and pizza.


Father of three, loves running, tech stuff and burritos