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Is cold water swimming really good for you?

Valley of the mad sea swimming

Cold water swimmers are popping up all the over the country. All extolling the virtues of Cold-water immersion. But what are the benefits of swimming in the Sea?

Gentle exercise

The gentle water movement on the shore creates a natural resistance that we can use to improve our core strength without even thinking about it. Trying to move through water, walking or running is great for exercising our leg muscles. Even just trying to stand in one spot and the currents flow around you can trigger muscles that wouldn’t normally be used out of the water. Then, of course, there is swimming and many other watersports.

Sit near gentle breaking waves

As you are getting ready to get in or shivering, getting dressed as you come out, the waves crash on the shore, and as they do, they release micro drops of seawater into the air. Inhaling these is good for respiratory conditions as the drops contain ozone and iodine.


Among the many health benefits of the sea, the gentle exfoliating nature of salt in seawater can naturally remove toxins from the skin. Your skin can feel polished and cleansed after spending time in the sea.


The sea is rich in magnesium which relaxes muscles.  This will help remove day-to-day stresses and improve your sleep. Listen to the sound of waves lapping on the shore. This is a great way to relax, as the sound of the waves is very soothing. The sound has often been referred to as a return to the womb. This can lower blood pressure and improve mental health.


If you can, float in the sea. The saltwater supports your body and is good for your joints as muscles relax and remove the strain.


Alternate bathing in the warmth of the Sun with dips in the cold sea to stimulate blood circulation.

When the body is exposed to sunlight, it produces more vitamin D and melatonin, which help regulate metabolism and appetite. If you’re looking to shed some pounds, consider taking advantage of this free treatment.

Alternating cycles of hot and cold had long been known to be beneficial. Hence the popularity of saunas and steam rooms. 


Submerging your eyes in seawater can cleanse and strengthen ocular tissue. The following are some of the benefits that you will experience:

1) The eyes are cleansed, toned, and strengthened using a saltwater eye bath.

2) Sea water contains minerals which help to nourish the body.

3) A saltwater eye bath is relaxing and soothing.

4) A saltwater eye wash is also very effective in removing makeup.

5) Saltwater may be an excellent astringent for the skin if you have dry eyes. It helps to tighten pores and reduce blemishes.

If you are close to the sea, reap these potential benefits. Bring warm clothes and a hot drink for outdoor swimming. Water therapy also offers a great sense of community. Get out there, give it a go but stay safe.

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